We have not learnt any lesson from Dagbon- Queen Mother Nana Yaa Gyindoh 1

Story By: Nani Kofi Dominic-Kitter /GBT



It must be recalled that, on the 19th of August 2019, Queen Mother, Nana Afia Siraa-Ababbio III. Of Kato was attacked at her residence. In fact, one would have thought the uproar that greeted the incident would have purged subsequent events of these bestial activities  only for the sad  afternoon news on Monday, 9th of August be flogged with the brutal murder of Nana Egyiri, a chief at Gomoa Akranmang in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region.

The Queen Mother who has been very vociferous and outspoken about the increasing spate bemoaned all stakeholders particularly the police, and the judiciary to deal ruthlessly within the law crimes of this kind as it unleashes untold hardship on women and children. According to her, chieftaincy disputes have multiple, long- and short-term impacts on women, children and society as a whole. She says the its effects are felt at various spatial levels, within the immediate area of dispute, and often in neighbouring areas and national level as state resources are committed to solving these disputes.

Photo Credit: FUSAID

She bemoaned,  aftermath effects and coping life of women and children who suffered from chieftaincy disputes as well as  how to evade future chieftaincy conflict had led to broken homes, single parenting, loss of life and properties among women and children.

According to the outspoken Queen Mother of Ghana Nungua of the western Nzema traditional council, the rampant occurrences of these phenomena is a clear sign that as society,we have failed to to learn any lesson from the Dagbon  landmark conflict.


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